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The year was 2008. A couple of buddies got together and decided to invest in property. As their very first project garnered support from other friends, the investment grew. They engaged with the challenges of the real estate market and realised before long that they had immense potential on their hands.

The average land and home buyer found the market inaccessible, but through pooling resources and talents, while strategically selecting partnerships, this group of friends could build a company that cuts costs significantly and creates revenue for everyone involved.

As you may have guessed, we are those friends, and so solid was this idea, that now we have grown into a business holding a portfolio value in the hundreds of millions.

About Our company

Tycoon estate

Tycoon is an independently-owned Australian company and has been recognised by our clients and peers as a national leader in premium land development, construction excellence and design innovation. Being a market leader in interest-free land development we are renowned for our unwavering attention to detail and high standards of customer service and working in conjunction with the private sector to produce quality developments.

We have a track record of success and timely delivery of our property projects in the last 9 years. We work with clients to achieve the best outcome. Tycoon gets the services of premium developers to deliver blue-chip land and our in-house Builders assist with the construction of houses at a discounted rate.

Our Investors have enjoyed a consistent return of over 20% per year for the last 8 years.

Tycoon’s developments and construction reflect the personalities, lifestyles and desires of our clients.

Founder & CEO

Meet Farooq Ali

Throughout his extensive experience of running multiple businesses, the one thing that he has learned is that vision and persistence are the key to success.

If he has a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to that vision, is not discouraged by obstacles and temporary failures, and is persistent in his endeavors, he can move mountains.

Being in finance, he was always told to look at numbers, but a true entrepreneur doesn’t just look at numbers; he looks at the bigger picture.

As a technologist, he has been able to increase his businesses tenfold and has a dynamic portfolio of diverse businesses under his name, ranging from a chain of retail outlets, a successful accountancy firm for small-medium businesses to a real estate business located in CBD, Sydney.

He has always believed in helping others achieve their dreams and therefore has also started his own consultancy where he helps investors retire before they reach 40.

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